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Crossroads Service Reviews – Best Doorstep Service

Crossroads Review

Crossroads India Assistance provides doorstep car service for Hatchback, Sedan, SUV and premium vehicles at affordable rates. After the immense success in Roadside Assistance business company came up with an idea to start doorstep car service venture in Delhi NCR. Since the start of service, they have delivered 10,000+ doorstep services across Delhi NCR. As per an interview with company service manager, company is now servicing on an average 20 vehicles in a day.

We have created this page so that people could share their service experience with others.



  1. Hi,

    Crossroads i have been following you guys for last three days for servicing my car but your service team came by today. You were three days late to service my car. No matter but people did a good job. Pls improve your service timing as i won’t service again if i don’t get my car service same day. Good job guys keep it up.

  2. पूजनीय महनुभावो

    मैंने देखा है उत्कृष्ट सर्विस है, मैं आपकी कंपनी के खुश ग्राहक हूं. अच्छा काम करने के लिए धन्यवाद.

  3. प्रिय महोदय, जब मैं नोएडा में अपने कार्यालय में फंस गया था, तो मैं सड़क पर अपने वाहन की सर्विस के लिए आपको धन्यवाद देना चाहूंगा। मैं आपको और आपकी सेवा के लिए वास्तव में आभारी हूँ आपकी नौकरी उत्कृष्ट है और आप वास्तव में सड़क पर लोगों की मदद कर रहे हैं।

  4. It doesn’t matter to me what other people say about crossroad. But I am one of their regular customers and getting their unbeatable service since 2 two years from now. The crossroad doorstep car service is as beneficial for me as I stay busy in my job all the time and don’t get time to go to the car service center. Their car engineers come to my house whenever I call them and service my car in my garage.

  5. मैं, क्रॉस रोड के सभी टीम के सदस्य के लिए धन्यवाद कहना चाहूंगा …।

  6. i was shocked when crossroads engineers came to me and checked my car at my home and solved all mechanical issues in normal cost, so why go to outside i will recommend to all of you to crossroads car outdoor service.

  7. my this review will help to those people who find a local mechanic shop after getting problem in car and they wast their time , i am crossroads member from 3 years and i never had this type of problem i got their service on time ever.. thank you crossroads

  8. सुबह ऑफिस जाने की जल्दी में था कि तभी कार खराब पड़ गई थी क्रॉस रोड्स हेल्पलाइन पे फोन किया और मैकेनिक 25 मिनट में जिन्न की तरह आया और बोनट उठा के न जाने क्या किया कि दो मिनट में कार स्टार्ट। पूछने पे बताया कि कुछ नहीं इंजेटर्स में कुछ खराबी थी अब ठीक है पूरी तरह। कमाल के लोग हैं क्रोसरोडस वाले। इतनी तेज सर्विस तो बस विज्ञापन में ही देखी है।

  9. Now i no need to go anywhere to servicing my car because i have crossroads membership and i worth because crossroads service in not costly and they provide complete automobile service 24×7 .
    i am very happy with them

  10. I meet with an emergency breakdown in my car at Noida Expressway yesterday. I called my roadside assistance service, crossroads and within half an hour (earlier than the expected wait time!) help arrived. These people are really doing a great job to help people on road. Thanks Crossroads.

  11. Last Monday night my Hyundai i 10 was unable to get it restarted as engine failure or something like that, I called them (crossroads) to try to get my car restarted. Sujoy the toll truck driver got my car restarted but did a current draw on my original alternator and told me it was not producing much current and I would probably not make it back to where I live. I want to thank sujoy and the Crossroads towing service to keeping me and my car safe and dropping home.

  12. I had broke down in mehndipur balaji and needed to be towed to Dausa . I was towed by crossroads associates Their driver was great and the truck was really cool with indian flag and designs. I was offered water and it was a bad experience breaking down made better by just 1 company trying to make a difference. Crossroads good work!

  13. . I’m pretty surprised to read some of negative reviews here NEVER had a single problem with crossroads . They have jumped the battery, changed tires, fixed flats, etc. in 2007 , my battery was dead. They sent the battery truck and promptly replaced my battery ,Ten years later, driving on the crossroads battery, my car would not start. I called crossroads . They gave me a one-hour waiting period. In one hour, they were here. The tech checked everything and said the battery would not hold the charge and I needed a new one. He apologized for not being able to speak to crossroads for me and said I needed to call them back and ask for the battery truck. They gave me a one-hour window. Less than 30 minutes later, the battery truck showed up. He was clean and polite, did some tests and said yes, I needed a battery. Fifteen minutes later, he completed the task, took my membership number and I was on the road.
    GREAT service!!

  14. We are new to crossroads, joined in 2017. The other night, parked in my garage, the car would not start. I called crossroads and they were there within about half an hour. A very nice young man jumpstarted the car for me and he also checked my battery and diagnosed that there was a battery drain, i dont know how he found that but he done something to my car’s headlight, after that i havent faced battery drain or dead till today, touchwood! thumbs up crossroads!

  15. I want to take the opportunity to report on superb service that we received on july 10, 2017 while traveling from Chandigarh to Shimla . Our car broke down in the mid of night, anyhow were able to get to the side of the road, but in a very unsafe situation. We called crossroads helpline and your people did their normally excellent job in helping us get some help. Sunil, the tow truck driver, was an outstanding representative of crossroads , He was very efficient, easy to understand, very courteous, and, above all else, put himself into a situation in hooking up our car that I was in no way envious of. In my opinion he deserves hazard pay for this retrieval. Other than my 29 year relationship with my local mechanic, I would recommend these folks to anyone and everyone. This was the best bad day I have ever had with an emergency car situation, but got the best service from crossroads.

  16. Just had crossroads replace my old battery, and it took a total of 30 min. They dispatched a driver at 6:24 p.m. and was told he would be here by 6:54 p.m., he was at my door at 6:35 p.m. He tested my electrical system and diagnosed the bad battery, which I knew was close to going out. He didn’t have my size on the truck, so he left to get one. Long story short, the battery was tested and replaced by the time he was only supposed to arrive. Five star to crossroads from a happy customer!

  17. Working in the medical field, I encounter a lot of people during hard times of adversity and I try to display my best skills medically but also emotionally and supportively during times of stress. I have used crossroads service for years now but they just keep getting better. Today when I locked my keys in the car during my dinner break at work. They not only arrived earlier than the specified time, but also brought my keys to my work for me as I needed to see patients at a certain time at the doctor’s office I work at requiring him to drive twice as much . they were extremely respectful and you could hear a voice or genuine concern when they spoke to you and wanted to help. No complaints, no questions asked.

  18. Understand one thing, when a car breaks down the customer will be frustrated and helpless. Helpline people’s positive and willing to help attitude towards the customer is the key factor in roadside assistance. And here I am saying it with my experience with the crossroads that in this area no one can beat crossroads.
    My spark plug lead was loose. That was the reason why my car had missing when trying to accelerate. I told the customer service rep about the missing. The minute she heard about the problem she said ohh! sir u just no need to worry! Relax! our mechanic will catch you in next ten minutes, and the mechanic had come in 15 minutes ,within 5 minutes he solved the problem and I drove my car to my destination.

  19. कार का पंचर तब ही होता है जब आप तैयार होके किसी खासमीटिंग के लिए निकलते हैं अब हर जगह जहाँ आपकी कार पंचर हो जरूरी नहीं वहाँ आस-पास कोई पंचर वाला हो हालाँकि मेरे पास crossroads  का कवर था पर मैंहिचिकिचा रहा था कि पंचर जैसी मामूली बात के लिए क्या सही रहेगा खैर जब फोनकिया और उनकी तरफ से बहुत सलीके और विनम्र स्वर में बात की गई तो मुझे बड़ा अच्छा लगा उनके द्वारा पंचर बन गया और टायर भी बदल गया लेकिन मुझे उनकाग्राहक को सम्मान देना सबसे अच्छा लगा। ऐसा लगा कि हम i20 के नहीं मर्सिडीजके मालिक हैं।सौ में सौ नंबर crossroads को और उनके इतने बढ़िया स्टाफ को।

  20. बात जब भी रोडसाइड असिस्टेन्स की आती है तो लोग सोचते हैं कि मदद करनेवाली कम्पनी उड़ के आ जाए कहीं न कहीं ये बात सही भी है कि पर कम्पनी को भी सोचना चाहिए कि परेशानी में पड़ा आदमी अपनो से ही जल्दी मदद की उम्मीद करता है crossroads कभी कभी आप देर करते हो बाकी पिछले 3 सालों में बहुत बढ़िया सर्विस दी है। कभी कभी किसी छुट्टी या त्योहार वाले दिन दिक्कत हो जाती है।

  21. मेरी कार की बैटरी पुरानी थी और एक दिन इसने मेरे ऑफिस पहुँचने से पहले जहाँ से मैं अपना लंच पैक करवाता था वहाँ ही दम तोड़ दिया आसपास न कोई मैकेनिक न बैटरी की शॉप crossroads से बात की उन्होंने मेरी कार मॉडल और कुछ जानकारी पूछी और नई बैटरी भेजने का आश्वाशन दिया मुझे नई बैटरी लेनी ही थी तो मैंने हाँ कह दिया वो आये नई बैटरी लगाई कार स्टार्ट हुई और वो पुरानी बैटरी भी ले गए उसका पैसा उन्होंने नई बैटरी में कम कर दिया
    मैं बोहोत खुश हूँ

    मोहम्मद इकबाल दिल्ली

  22. Amazing work on my car. They checked everything thoroughly, answered all my questions about the car and the parts that they put in. They were also very friendly. They never lied to me. They never mistreated my car, they never lied to me about what was wrong with my car. Which is very uncommon in this time period. They were very available upon call, they never turned us away. That was nice. It was very calming as well and let me get other things done that I needed to do. They were very helpful, supportive and answered every question I had about what they were doing with my vehicle. It was very pleasant surprising on how nice and honest they were.

  23. चलती गाड़ी में अचानक दिग्गी का ताला खराब हुआ दिग्गी आवाज करने लगी और ac भी कम ठंडा करने लगा तो सफर लंबा होने कारण हमने क्रॉसरोडस को फोन लगाया पहले तो उन्हें समझ मे ही नहीं आया कि इस समस्या को क्या नाम दें, पर फिर भी उन्होंने मैकेनिक भेजा हम जलपान के लिए जहाँ रुके थे, वहीं उन्हें बुलालिया था, दिग्गी के लॉक की स्प्रिंग टूटी थी या शायद कोई और प्रॉब्लम थी जो भी थी उन्होंने दूर कर दी, बस उनके हाव भाव से ये लग रहा था कि बड़ी मामूली-बात के लिए उन्हें बुला लिया गया था जबकि यहाँ हम-को पता था कि कि तनी परेशानी हो रही थी, खैर उन्होंने कहा तो कुछ नहीं था तो हमने भी बात जाने दी भाई अब कवर दिया है तो सारी दिक्कतें तो कवर करनी ही होंगी।

  24. We were in need of assistance on the highway, yesterday afternoon after engine failure. We called crossroads for assistance and were told that they would call for a tow truck to get us off the highway to a safer spot, they reached in a short time they had towed us in no time at all – no hassles – in a VERY cheerful and efficient manner.

  25. I was waiting in the car with player on. Then battery flat. Rang crossroads roadside assistance with no wait on the call. Advised help with come within 35 mins. About 15 mins later, received a call from the mechanic to confirm the vehicle position. Checked the battery and the alternator then jump start and gave some advice without any pushy selling the battery. Nice bloke great service from crossroads.

  26. I am using crossroads for quite a time to be precise more then 3 years and i am very happy with their service in delhi. Myself being a privilege member of crossroads have to shell out just 900 bucks for a year . Very prompt service i must say. Got to use them thrice in delhi and their service van reached me in just 20 mins of call every time.

  27. My sister used crossroads, called them yesterday at 9pm at AIIMS Campus due to battery issues apparently due to prolonged usage of blower and stereo while the car was off. She called crossroads and it came within 20 minutes jump started the car in 2 min and the work was done. Very convenient, fast and hassle free. Thanks once again.

  28. Stranded with a flat tyre and missing the necessary tools to change it myself I called crossroads and the mechanic arrived within 15 minutes and changed the tyre with a minimum of fuss. This occurred today in sarojini at a shopping centre at around 6pm.
    I am happy with Crossroads service.

  29. मेरे ड्राइवर की गलती से बीच हाईवे पे कार में पेट्रोल खत्म हो गया और हम खड़े हो गये एक सुनसान सी जगह पे नेटवर्क आ रहा था तो crossroads app से हेल्प की रिक्वेस्ट की पर पांच मिनट तक कोई रेस्पांस न आने पे फोन किया तो मदद पहुँची पता नहीं नेट में कोई दिक्कत रही होगी I रात में डेढ़ बजे उनके आदमी पेट्रोल लेकर आए पर उन्हें फ्यूल कैप खोलने में परेशानी हो रही थी या क्या था फ़्यूएल कैप के ऊपर वाला फ्लैप उनसे टूट गया मुझे बहुत गुस्सा आयामैंने उनकी, कम्प्लेंट की बाद में क्रॉस रोडस ने फ्लैप बिना किसी चार्ज केरिप्लेस करवाया। सर्विस अच्छी है… धन्यवाद Crossroads

  30. Ordered a tow truck through this App for 900/- after getting quotes from other companies that ranged from 1700-2200/- Was very happy with the price and the tow truck arrived within 30 minutes. Loved being able to see how long the tow truck was going to be. Crossroads people are good and this is very useful app

  31. I was saved by crossroads today! Was told I would have to wait 30-40 mins but only waited for 25 mins which was good. Towing service was great,. Driver was very lovely and easy to talk to which was a relief as I was nervous due to not having done this tow stuff before. The best thing about this was the price, searched more online and came across this ‘too good to be true’ price and I was skeptical but it ended up being too good AND true. Will only use Crossroads from now on!

  32. I don’t normally write reviews but in this case I felt i had too. My son was driving from Delhi to Meerut and broke down. He used crossroads app On Demand Roadside Assistance service and they were so helpful from start to finish. The mechanics came out and got my Son’s car going again.The technician was so helpful and followed my son to the next town just to make sure the problem was fixed. My faith restored. If you don’t have Crossroads Roadside Assistance membership, do get it, Well done, Well done.

  33. मेरी कार की बैटरी पुरानी थी और एक दिन इसने मेरे ऑफिस पहुँचने से पहले जहाँ से मैं अपना लंच पैक करवाता था वहाँ ही दम तोड़ दिया आसपास न कोई मैकेनिक न बैटरी की शॉप crossroads से बात की उन्होंने मेरी कार मॉडल और कुछ जानकारी पूछी और नई बैटरी भेजने का आश्वाशन दिया मुझे नई बैटरी लेनी ही थी तो मैंने हाँ कह दिया वो आये नई बैटरी लगाई कार स्टार्ट हुई और वो पुरानी बैटरी भी ले गए उसका पैसा उन्होंने नई बैटरी में कम कर दिया बाद में मैंने जब पता किया तो जो बैटरी उन्होंने लगाई थी वो मार्किट में मुझे एक दुकानदार ने 50 रुपैये सस्ती बताई खैर 50 रुपैये से ज्यादा तो मेरा आने जाने में ही लग जाता तो कोई बात नही।

  34. Bike ka engine fail hua highway ke beechobeech aur pareshan tha ki ab kya karun ek friend ne is app ke baare me bataya to request bheji aur wow they came in half hour. Meri bike unhone towing pe chadhai aur mujhe bhi drop kiya. Isse pahle to main RSA jaisa kuch jaanta hi nahin tha. Crossroad ka koi jawab nahin.

  35. Kisi bhi app ka success hona depend karta hai ki wo kitni friendly aur useful hai saath hi ussse milne wali service ya product customer ke liye kitna satisfactory rahta hai in saari baaton pe crossroads app khari utarti hai. I am always with you crossroads.

  36. राखी के दिन मुझे बहन के पास चंडीगढ़ जाना था, पर कार स्टार्ट नहीं हो रही थी, मैंने crossroads फोन किया पर मुझे उम्मीद नहीं थी, कि वो आज कोई सर्विसदे सकेंगे क्योंकि काफी सुबह का समय था, पर फिर भी उनका मैकेनिक टाइम पे आगया पता चला कि बैटरी अपना समय पूरा कर चुकी है, वो तुरंत वापस गया और नईबैटरी लगा दी मुझे बस यही कहना था कि जब मैने पहले ही बताया था कि शायदबैटरी चली गई है तो उसे पहले से ही नई बैटरी साथ लानी चाहिए। फिर भी इससारे काम मे मेरा सिर्फ एक घंटा ही गया तो ज्यादा दिक्कत नहीं हुई। Good job crossroads.

  37. Everything listed in my plan was what I needed and was at a reasonable price. It was easy to set up all I really did was answer a few questions. The representative I spoke to was amazing and if I was unsure explained to me in detail. Was really daunting but I’m glad I called crossroads to help.

  38. Went online for a service request (Crossroads App) and had a man call back in 15 minutes asking my exact location, damn fast, He sorted out the car starting problem and gone it all happened in 30 minutes. Crossroads guys have a wealth of knowledge and saved me a lot of money for better roadside assistance cover than I previously had. I can recommend them.

  39. कार की चाभी इग्निशन में लगी थी मैं बाहर निकला पर चाभी निकालना ही भूल गया कुछ ही देर में कार लॉक हो गई ये तो भला हो मेरा फोन मेरी जेब मे था कार में नहीं क्रोसरोडस से मदद माँगी तो जवाब मिला कि ट्रैफिक जाम के चलते मैकेनिकों को ज्यादा टाइम लग सकता है इसलिए इंतजार करें इसी बात पे मेरी थोड़ी तल्ख बात भी ऑपरेटर से हो गई थी पर बाद में उनके मैकेनिक ठीक टाइम पे ही आ गए थे ओवर ऑल मेरा अनुभव अच्छा रहा।

  40. भाई इस रोड साइड सर्विस का वैसे तो कोई मुकाबला नहीं है पर कभी कभी ये थोड़ा देर से आते हैं बस इसे सुधार लें तो मैं इन्हें 5 स्टार दूंगा वैसे चार तो दिए ही हैं। और हाँ इन्हें अपने पुराने मेम्बर्स को कुछ गिफ्ट भी देना चाहिए आखिर हम पाँच साल से ज्यादा समय से इनसे जुड़े हैं।

  41. Were here within 16minutes of booking and got my car unlocked for me. So happy there is now a membership, free services are available to Crossroadians , Good work Crossroads!!!

  42. पंचर टायर बदलना मुझे बिल्कुल भी पसंद नहीं इसलिए जब भी अगर कोई पंचर वालानहीं मिलता तो मैं crossroads को फोन कर देता हूँ एक बार उनका मैकेनिक टाइम पे तो आया और पहिया भी बदल गया पर जल्दी में पंचर टायर को स्टेपनी की जगह पे लॉक करना भूल गया रास्ते मे जब डिक्की से आवाज आने लगी तो मैंने पाया कि रखा हुआ टायर लूज है मुझे उसे टाइट करना पड़ा.. But Good Service..Thanks Crossroads.

  43. Crossroads was delightful, friendly, professional, helpful and quite a joy to deal with. I was particularly impressed by how they remembered a query made at the beginning of the phone call over an hour later once other details had been dealt with. very effective reception persons.

  44. I really like the professionalism and the quality of the service as well as the employees were very well informed for my Toyota and my Honda Accord. So that was useful and convenient. I had three services done by them like fuel ran out flat tyre etc and they were in the time the customer desk told me only concern I have that they are good in delhi but sometimes on highways they delay service. But I am happy they are good

  45. Parson mujhe crossroads ki service leni padi jab raat me meri car ka alternator bigad gaya tha ye ab tak ki meri teesri service request thi. 20 minute me mechanic aa gaya tha aur usne 5- 7 minute me car start kar di. Overall performance was awesome.

  46. Crossroads ka total care plan kaafi achcha hai 1 year me 6 service free saath hi insurance aur medical expenses ka bhi cover hai.
    Saath hi topclass ki service hai. 2 sal me apni 2 gadiyon ki membership lekr main bahut khush hun.