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Crossroads Car Helpline Reviews – Read It

Crossroads reviews

Crossroads is a leading and pioneer Roadside Assistance company in India and services it’s customer India wide. Company provides emergency vehicle breakdown assistance to its members on annual membership basis. Company started in 1999 and since the inception it has shown a tremendous growth in terms of service coverage and customer base.

A Brief About Crossroads Car Helpline

Sr. N Overview Features
1 Founded 1999
2 Service TAT 29 Minutes
3 Daily Service Delivery 300 +
4 Employees 500 +
5 Service Coverage PAN India
6 Funded Yes
7 Head Office Delhi
8 Mobile App Download
9 Website Visit
10 CEO Harish Lakhera
11 Services Roadside Assistance
12 Services Doorstep Car Service
13 Ventures www.crossdeals.in

Consider the following reviews from existing customers.



  1. People are helpful. People at crossroads are very helpful as they handled my call very professionally and also helped me to get out of the trouble as I met with an emergency breakdown in Gurgaon. These people are really doing a great job to help people on road.

  2. Service is fast than any other!! Your service is faster than any other provider as I have been member of Race but they are not as quick as crossroads. Thank you crossroads for running such a wonderful service. I recommend everyone for this service.

  3. Extremely good and helpful to me. I am a rider and love to ride along the roads. It was a night mare for me to have breakdown in my vehicle as i had a little knowledge about automobile. This company helped me alot.

  4. Hi All,
    Crossroads is an excellent car helpline service provider and serving more than 300 vehicles on daily basis. I am member of crossroads and have availed their service number or time. One of the favorite thing that i admire about this company is they come to service no matter they may be late but it won’t happen they will be not available to service you. This is one of the best service company in India.
    Good luck guys!

  5. प्रिय महोदय, जब मैं नोएडा में अपने कार्यालय में फंस गया था, तो मैं सड़क पर अपने वाहन की सर्विस के लिए आपको धन्यवाद देना चाहूंगा। मैं आपको और आपकी सेवा के लिए वास्तव में आभारी हूँ आपकी नौकरी उत्कृष्ट है और आप वास्तव में सड़क पर लोगों की मदद कर रहे हैं।

  6. It doesn’t matter to me what other people say about crossroad. But I am one of their regular customers and getting their unbeatable service since 2 two years from now. The crossroad doorstep car service is as beneficial for me as I stay busy in my job all the time and don’t get time to go to the car service center. Their car engineers come to my house whenever I call them and service my car in my garage.

  7. मुझे Crossroads सेवा का उपयोग करना पसंद है … सभी के लिए धन्यवाद

  8. Personally, I use crossroads for all my cars (in Delhi / NCR). Touchwood, it has never disappointed me. I’ve used their services to jump start my cars twice when the batteries gave way and to change a flat tyre in some chilling winter nights couple of times. When I started some years back, the annual fees was 365 Rs (1 Re / day was advertised). It is now approx 900 Rs pa / car.

  9. सुबह ऑफिस जाने की जल्दी में था कि तभी कार खराब पड़ गई थी क्रॉस रोड्स हेल्पलाइन पे फोन किया और मैकेनिक 25 मिनट में जिन्न की तरह आया और बोनट उठा के न जाने क्या किया कि दो मिनट में कार स्टार्ट। पूछने पे बताया कि कुछ नहीं इंजेटर्स में कुछ खराबी थी अब ठीक है पूरी तरह। कमाल के लोग हैं क्रोसरोडस वाले। इतनी तेज सर्विस तो बस विज्ञापन में ही देखी है।

  10. i have Honda City car and i am using crossroads services from 6 month and i have used 2 times their services one for towing and one for service my car and satisfied with crossroads.
    Thank you crossroads.

  11. In a mid of my journey from Delhi to Meerut, my car would not start on my dinner stop. I called my roadside assistance service crossroads and within half an hour (earlier than the expected wait time!) help arrived. Two nice young man performed a diagnostic test on the car’s systems. They were very honest about the battery showing, it still had some life in it, but pointed out where it had acid leaking. Rather than take a chance on it happening again, I decided to purchase a new battery, which they installed right away. Operators on phone reception were friendly and helpful, called me back with updated information and took a reasonable time to find my exact right location. The service technicians were excellent and really nice, too. Crossroads have been nothing less than excellent.

  12. कार की बैटरी पुरानी थी मगर अभी अच्छी चल रही थी तो मैंने बदलवाई नहीं थी लेकिन कुछ दिन पहले रात में एक पार्टी के बाद जब गाड़ी स्टार्ट की तो स्टार्ट नहीं हुई काफी कोशिशों के बावजूद कुछ न हो सका थक हार के क्रॉस रोडस को फ़ोन लगाया सबसे पहले तो उन्होंने मुझे शांत किया और फिर मेरी पूरी बात ध्यान से सुनकर मुझे बताया कि आपकी कार डीजल कार है एक दो बार चाभी को घुमा के इग्निशन ऑन कीजिये फिर बंद कीजिए और फिर ऑन कीजिये अगर उसके बाद भी स्टार्ट न हो तो बताइए मैंने ऐसा ही किया और ट्रिक काम कर गई और कार स्टार्ट हो गई मैंने बहुत शुक्रिया अदा किया कि रात में मुझे परेशान नहीं होना पड़ा क्रोसरोडस को अगले दिन ही बैटरी बदलने को बोल दिया, अगली सुबह नई बैटरी लेकर उनका बन्दा मेरे घर पर खड़ा था, जबरदस्त सर्विस है इनकी और नॉलेज भी।

  13. I have been with Crossroads for 9 years and have taken advantage of the towing benefit more times than I can count. Never had an issue with the membership. I have also used it for long distance tows. It has really paid off for me. They have been on time always. Recently I used their app and it was excellent experience for me they tracked my exact location and came on time to help me

  14. जितनी सुविधा कार रखने में होती है उससे ज्यादा तकलीफ हो जाती है जब कार बिगड़ जाती है और वो भी बीच रास्ते में हो तो कहना ही क्या,इसलिए रोडसाइड असिस्टेन्स रखना बहुत जरूरी है परसों रात मेरी मारुति अल्टो बीच रास्ते खराब हुई मुझे जब कुछ समझ नहीँ आया तो क्रॉस रोडस वालों को फोन किया फोन पर बताया गया कि आधे घंटे में मैकेनिक मेरी लोकेशन पे होंगे और हुआ भी ऐसा ही आधे घंटे के कुछ मिनट इधर उधर वो पहुँच गये और कार की मरम्मत कर दी साइलेंसर में कचड़ा आ गया था पता नहीँ कैसे उस मैकेनिक ने इतनी जल्दी पता लगा लिया मेरा क्या किसी बाहर वाले मैकेनिक का भी ध्यान साइलेंसर पे नहीं जाता, रोडसाइड असिस्टेन्स होना अलग बात है पर अच्छे मैकेनिक होना जो जल्दी प्रॉब्लम पकड़ लें वैसी रोडसाइड कंपनी होना ज्यादा बड़ी बात है क्रॉस रोडस वाकई में तुम्हारे मैकेनिक लाजवाब हैं।

  15. शाम के बाद अंधेरा होते ही मेरे घरवाले परेशान होने लगते हैं और उस दिन मुझे ऑफिस से निकलने में थोड़ी ज्यादा देर हो गई थी मैं घर जा रही थी कि अचानक महसूस हुआ कि कार लहरा रही है, मैंने कार रोक के जब देखा तो पाया कि मेरी कार के दो टायर (एक आगे का और उसी लाइन में पीछे वाला) पंचर थे मैं बहुत परेशान हो गई थी क्योंकि एक होता तो शायद स्टेपनी किसी से बदला लेती आसपास पूछा तो पता चला कोई पंचर बनाने वाला भी नहीं है तभी मेरे पापा का फोन आया तो उन्हें सारी बात बताई उन्होंने मुझे एक नंबर दिया और कहा कि ये क्रॉसरोडस हेल्पलाइन का नंबर है मैंने तुम्हारी कार पर उनका कवर ले रखा है मैं उन्हें फोन करता हूँ उसके बाद उन्होंने फोन किया और लगभग तुरंत ही मेरे पास क्रॉस रोड से फोन आया मैंने उन्हें अपनी लोकेशन बताई और कुछ ही देर में उन्होंने आके मेरी कार के दोनों पंचर बना दिये उस सुनसान इलाके में इतनी जल्दी मदद मिलना किसी वरदान से कम नहीं था उस दिन के बाद से मैं हमेशा क्रॉस रोडस का नंबर अपने पास रखती हूँ और ये एक तरह की तसल्ली देता है कि मुसीबत में मैं अकेली नहीं हूँ एक पूरी टीम (क्रोसरोडस)मेरे साथ है।

  16. अभी 15 दिन पहले रात 12 बजे के करीब मेरी अल्टो कार का एक्सीडेंट हो गया,खड़े ट्रक से टकरा गए थोड़ी चोट आई पर कोई जानमाल का नुकसान नहीं हुआ और कार को भी ज्यादा नुकसान नहीं हुआ था बस आगे का बम्पर धँस सा गया था जिससे आगे लगा रेडिएटर फैन बहुत तेज आवाज करता था मैंने क्रोसरोड हेल्पलाइन से मदद माँगी और वे रात होने के बावजूद कुछ समय बाद ही आ गए मैकेनिकों ने किसी तरह कार चलने की हालत में ठीक की और कहा कि बाकी का पूरा काम आप अगले दिन आकर करवा लीजिएगा एक्सीएडेन्ट के बाद वो भी रात के डेढ़ बजे मेरी कार ड्राइव करने लायक हो गई थी ये काफी बड़ी बात थी मैंने उस समय उनका शुक्रिया अदा किया और अगले दिन जाकर अपनी कार पूरी तरह ठीक करवाई. क्रोसरॉड्स का ये मेरा पहला अनुभव बहुत ही अच्छा रहा।

  17. मेरे साथ बहुत बुरा हादसा पेश आया था जब मैं अजमेर से लौट रहा था मेरी कार की स्टीरियंग फेल हो गई थी ये तो शुक्र था कि मैं कार रोक सका था पर अब कार ड्राइव करके ले जाने की हालत में बिल्कुल नहीं थी टोइंग के मकसद से मैंने crossroads की एप्प पे रेकयूएस्ट भेजी लगभग तुरंत ही मुझे उनका फोन आया और कहा गया कि अभी दोबारा वो फोन करते हैं दो या तीन मिनट बाद फिर से मुझे फोन आया और बताया गया कि मुझतक मदद 40 मिनट में पहुँचाई जाएगी साथ ही मुझे उनके बंदों के नंबर भी दे दिए गए। करीबन 30 या 35 मिनट में टोइंग ट्रैक मेरे पास पहुँचा और मेरी कार को लेकर निकल पड़ा उस दिन मैंने बहुत बुरा समय देखा था इस बुरे अनुभव में बस एक ही अच्छी चीज थी कि crossroads मेरे साथ था मेरे घरवाले आज तक उनका शुक्रिया करते हैं। मैं भावनात्मक रूप से इस कंपनी से जुड़ चुका हूँ। 

  18. तीन दिन पहले कॉलेज से आते हुए मेरी कार पंचर हुई मुझे देर से पता चला जब तक चला तब तक देर हो चुकी थी और मेरे टायर के चीथड़े उड़ चुके थे मेरे पास स्टेपनी भी नहीं थी क्रॉसरोडस को फोन किया और 15 मिनट में मेरे पास नया टायर था इतनी जल्दी तो पंचर भी नहीं बनता, जितनी जल्दी नया टायर मेरी कार में लगा दिया गया हाँ पेमेंट के लिए मुझे एटीएम जाना पड़ा था।
    मैं बोहोत खुश हूँ

  19. जल्दबाजी में पेट्रोल लेना भूल गया और बीच सफर कार बिल्कुल खाली हो गई आसपास कोई पेट्रोल पंप भी नहीं और परिवार के साथ था तो और सहम सा गया था क्रोसरोडस वाले मेरे फोन करने के आधे घंटे या कुछ पहलेपेट्रोल लेकर आ गए उस रात मुझे कितना चैन मिला जब क्रॉस रोडस के लोगों को पेट्रोल के साथ देखा ये मैं बता नहीं सकता उन्होंने न सिर्फ गाड़ी मेंपेट्रोल भरा बल्कि ये भी बताया कि आगे करीबन 50 किलोमीटर पे पेट्रोल पंप है वहाँ टंकी फुल करवा लीजिएगा ये मदद और मानवीय व्यवहार सिर्फ क्रोसरोडस में भी मिल सकता था।

  20. My car battery died in my drive-way because I left the cabin light on on Sunday night. Phoned Crossroads at 5.30pm on Tuesday night. Was told it was a 40 min wait. No problem as I was at home anyway. 20 mins later he turned up!!! Took about 15 mins to change batteries and do the payment paperwork. Was back from the shops with my weekly treat of a takeaway meal exactly 1 hr after I first rang!! Winning

  21. What a breath of fresh air !! Narayan, my road side assistant who just got my car started, was able to correctly diagnose the problem within 2 minutes of arriving, all the while reassuring me and putting my panicked mind at ease.What a credit to your organisation, not only was Narayan,knowledgeable but his rendered his service with great humour and a real sense of caring.Well done Crossroads!! Your a’ Star !!

  22. मेरी कार की बैटरी पुरानी थी और एक दिन इसने मेरे ऑफिस पहुँचने से पहले जहाँ से मैं अपना लंच पैक करवाता था वहाँ ही दम तोड़ दिया आसपास न कोई मैकेनिक न बैटरी की शॉप crossroads से बात की उन्होंने मेरी कार मॉडल और कुछ जानकारी पूछी और नई बैटरी भेजने का आश्वाशन दिया मुझे नई बैटरी लेनी ही थी तो मैंने हाँ कह दिया वो आये नई बैटरी लगाई कार स्टार्ट हुई और वो पुरानी बैटरी भी ले गए उसका पैसा उन्होंने नई बैटरी में कम कर दिया
    मैं बोहोत खुश हूँ

    मोहम्मद इकबाल दिल्ली

  23. Amazing work on my car. They checked everything thoroughly, answered all my questions about the car and the parts that they put in. They were also very friendly. They never lied to me. They never mistreated my car, they never lied to me about what was wrong with my car. Which is very uncommon in this time period. They were very available upon call, they never turned us away. That was nice. It was very calming as well and let me get other things done that I needed to do. They were very helpful, supportive and answered every question I had about what they were doing with my vehicle. It was very pleasant surprising on how nice and honest they were.

  24. I am a blind follower of Crossroads . whenever I wanted to get roadside assistance they have provided excellent services in such an awesome time frame, Once I tried jump started the car and with the key in the ignition, the door auto locked with the keys inside as soon as I put the leads on the battery. I called Crossroads around 10:30 am, the guy was there in 10 minutes. He was very professional, knew exactly what to do. Opened the door in literally 2 minutes! Started the car, shook my hand and off he went. That’s worth every penny of the subscription

  25. We were in need of assistance on the highway, yesterday afternoon after engine failure. We called crossroads for assistance and were told that they would call for a tow truck to get us off the highway to a safer spot, they reached in a short time they had towed us in no time at all – no hassles – in a VERY cheerful and efficient manner.

  26. I have 2 cars and both cars have had Crossroads Platinum roadside assistance plans for 4 years now, had to use it 3 times so far and I couldn’t be happier with the mechanic’s they used on all three occasions, in one instance they towed my car after it broke down more than 70 kms from home, I thanked God that night as it could of costed me at least $500 if I didn’t have roadside, call centre agents were awesome every time I called them. I would definitely recommend Crossroads Roadside assistance to others.

  27. I am using crossroads for quite a time to be precise more then 3 years and i am very happy with their service in delhi. Myself being a privilege member of crossroads have to shell out just 900 bucks for a year . Very prompt service i must say. Got to use them thrice in delhi and their service van reached me in just 20 mins of call every time.

  28. They are very affordable when it comes to service. They’re always available that’s why I call them. They get you right in and out without hurting your pocket. Friendliest people I’ve ever dealt with. Their customer service is hands-down the best. Very well trained, very well experienced, very well knowledgeable, simply the best ever. I wish there was more companies like them.

  29. Stranded with a flat tyre and missing the necessary tools to change it myself I called crossroads and the mechanic arrived within 15 minutes and changed the tyre with a minimum of fuss. This occurred today in sarojini at a shopping centre at around 6pm.
    I am happy with Crossroads service.

  30. I was stuck with a flat tyre when crossroads roadside service came to my rescue. The guys were really nice and efficient, they even checked stppni to make sure it was all good for my left journey. Legends i say!

  31. Ordered a tow truck through this App for 900/- after getting quotes from other companies that ranged from 1700-2200/- Was very happy with the price and the tow truck arrived within 30 minutes. Loved being able to see how long the tow truck was going to be. Crossroads people are good and this is very useful App.

  32. Crossroads had excellent customer service and kept me in touch on time. Guys were very well mannered and got my keys out of my car very quickly. I recommend if other’s get them would be very happy with outcome.

  33. My new i20 showed the message it needed fuel urgently. As it was a national holiday roads were traffic less even on highway too. I rang the crossroads and believe me or not they were there in 15 minutes with the fuel. They surprised me with their fast service. Hats off guys!

  34. Pahle jab long drive pe jaata tha to dar lagta hai ki kaheen fansa to kya hoga isliye kisi na friend ko pata ke le jaata hai. Sala uska khane peene ka kharcha mujhe hi uthana padta tha par ab iss aap ke aane ke baad I found a true friend. Love u crossroad.

  35. Yamuna express way par maine apni car puncture tyre pe chala di thi by god kya halat hui thi tyre ki, uske to parkhachche ud gaye the wo to bhala ho crossroads app downloaded thi kyunki mere paas to spare tyre bhi nahin tha. App se exact location pata lagana bahut aasaan tha to mechanic naye tyre lekr turant pahunch gaye.

  36. Bike ka engine fail hua highway ke beechobeech aur pareshan tha ki ab kya karun ek friend ne is app ke baare me bataya to request bheji aur wow they came in half hour. Meri bike unhone towing pe chadhai aur mujhe bhi drop kiya. Isse pahle to main RSA jaisa kuch jaanta hi nahin tha. Crossroad ka koi jawab nahin.

  37. Kisi bhi app ka success hona depend karta hai ki wo kitni friendly aur useful hai saath hi ussse milne wali service ya product customer ke liye kitna satisfactory rahta hai in saari baaton pe crossroads app khari utarti hai. I am always with you crossroads.

  38. राखी के दिन मुझे बहन के पास चंडीगढ़ जाना था, पर कार स्टार्ट नहीं हो रही थी, मैंने crossroads फोन किया पर मुझे उम्मीद नहीं थी, कि वो आज कोई सर्विसदे सकेंगे क्योंकि काफी सुबह का समय था, पर फिर भी उनका मैकेनिक टाइम पे आगया पता चला कि बैटरी अपना समय पूरा कर चुकी है, वो तुरंत वापस गया और नईबैटरी लगा दी मुझे बस यही कहना था कि जब मैने पहले ही बताया था कि शायदबैटरी चली गई है तो उसे पहले से ही नई बैटरी साथ लानी चाहिए। फिर भी इससारे काम मे मेरा सिर्फ एक घंटा ही गया तो ज्यादा दिक्कत नहीं हुई। Good job crossroads.

  39. Everything listed in my plan was what I needed and was at a reasonable price. It was easy to set up all I really did was answer a few questions. The representative I spoke to was amazing and if I was unsure explained to me in detail. Was really daunting but I’m glad I called crossroads to help.

  40. Went online for a service request (Crossroads App) and had a man call back in 15 minutes asking my exact location, damn fast, He sorted out the car starting problem and gone it all happened in 30 minutes. Crossroads guys have a wealth of knowledge and saved me a lot of money for better roadside assistance cover than I previously had. I can recommend them.

  41. Crossroads services & his app has done a wonderful job finding me the best help and mechanic, he was very informative, friendly and a lot of fun to have a convo with. Crossroads called me within a minute after making a service request and to be honest it was the best experience of any roadside assistance company to me till date. One more thing mechanic reached in just 10 min.

  42. Guys from Crossroads were super helpful! Very happy. All my questions were answered and they were very easy to talk to. They made sure I was happy with all aspects of my plan before payment. And recently used a service it was also awesome and was touching the ETA. Super company.

  43. Were here within 16minutes of booking and got my car unlocked for me. So happy there is now a membership, free services are available to Crossroadians , Good work Crossroads!!!

  44. Crossroads was delightful, friendly, professional, helpful and quite a joy to deal with. I was particularly impressed by how they remembered a query made at the beginning of the phone call over an hour later once other details had been dealt with. very effective reception persons.

  45. Great value. Very competitive. Friendly, relaxed yet professional customer service. Good knowledge about vehicles, trained mechanics. Was like talking to an old friend. All of my requests were addressed respectfully. Pleasant experience with support staff. Put a smile on my face. What an awesome team, great job guys!

  46. I really like the professionalism and the quality of the service as well as the employees were very well informed for my Toyota and my Honda Accord. So that was useful and convenient. I had three services done by them like fuel ran out flat tyre etc and they were in the time the customer desk told me only concern I have that they are good in delhi but sometimes on highways they delay service. But I am happy they are good

  47. Aisa nahi hai ki punctured tyre ko khud badla nahin ja sakta par jab aap kisi meeting ke liye taiyar huye hon aur jaldi me hon to crossroads jaisi company ko call karna jyada better hota hai, kaam bhi jaldi ho jata hai aur kapde bhi saaf rahte hain. Is company ne kai bar bahut jaldi help bheji hai. Thank u crossroads.

  48. Crossroads ka total care plan kaafi achcha hai 1 year me 6 service free saath hi insurance aur medical expenses ka bhi cover hai. Saath hi topclass ki service hai.

    2 sal me apni 2 gadiyon ki membership lekr main bahut khush hun.