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Allianz Global Car Helpline Reviews


Allianz Global Assistance Company undoubtedly is the largest roadside assistance company; it has a presence in 50 countries with more than 400000 service providers serving millions of beneficiaries. They commenced their operations in India in 2007. With service available 24/7,Road side assistance (RSA) is their core business and they also offer travel insurance, travel medical assistance, appliance protection.

In addition to offering immediate roadside assistance service, their support extends to taking care of your worries in every possible way and ensure that their well-trained assistance team is always at your service 24 x 7, 365 days a year through a toll-free number.

Allianz Global Assistance is one of the leading roadside assistance service providers of India and known for offering the best towing and car breakdown services in India. Urgent Relay of message, Troubleshooting on Phone, Medical Co-ordination, Fuel Assistance Towing Assistance, Vehicle Towing Service Taxi Benefit, Flat Tyre Assistance, Vehicle Start-Up Assistance, Lock Out Assistance etc are the services they provide under their roadside assistance cover.



  1. Honestly, I have never ever found such an uninterrupted roadside assistance service across worldwide. Apart from relentless service, it offers free towing, backing in case of fallacious fueling, flat tire replacement, battery replacement etc. Its role is priceless in case of any medical emergencies because it helps us in making a contact with medical professionals at the time of any breakdown. I am really pleased with the quality of service that your company delivers and I wholeheartedly value the responsiveness of ‘Allianz Global Assistance ‘ and the way it maintains the reputation all over the globe.

  2. Extremely good service but this company is not serving to end users and only provide service to the OEM customers. Company is good but not for public use. I know of company crossroads and they also have good infrastructure to serve you on road. I am member of crossroads and they are capable enough to service you in case of emergency.